There are many ways in which one can make good use of sports psychology to attain fitness, sports and health goals in an easy, quick and simple way. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most salient aspects of sports psychology which can help you get motivated so as to bring about major changes in your training and fitness.

Focus on things you can control: This implies that you need to have complete control over yourself as well as your actions and attitudes. Instead of focusing on the outcome you need to focus on things which are under your control. Therefore, try to concentrate on the process instead of the end result.

Make use of positive mental images: You need to make use of positive mental images throughout your training or exercising session so as to create a feeling of power and speed. For instance, while running uphill you can visualize a strong magnet pulling you upwards effortlessly. Visualizations during training and workouts would help to build renewed confidence and keep you motivated. The positive mental imagery would help you to keep calm by keeping you focused on things which you can control and which would lead to better performance.

Stay relaxed while under pressure: Your level of concentration considerably drops while you are under pressure. In times of stress, you need to find ways of keeping your cool. Taking deep breaths, stretching and loosening your muscles are some engaging ways of staying relaxed during stressful situations. With the help of sports psychology, you will be able to keep calm.

Focus on your immediate goals: Ideally, you need to break your workout goals into manageable parts which can be easily achieved. For instance focus on the first part of your training goal and complete it before moving on to the next.

Come up with effective and manageable routines: An effective routine would help you channelize your focus so that you get ready to complete your goal. A routine would help the athlete keep his/her focus on the things which really count while keeping the potential distractions away from the mind.

Keep your expectations low: The high expectations of coaches and trainers can cause you to feel pressured which in turn affects your performance. Keeping in expectations under control would prevent you from feeling frustrated even when you are not performing up to your standards.

Advantage: You need to make use of every aspect of your training sessions to your advantage. For instance, when another person passes you during a long distance run, you need to tuck behind and then start running with the best of energy for as long as you possibly can.

The Sweet pain of labor: When you feel the pain of your effort it isn’t detrimental to your health. You need to move your attention away from the pain. For example, in times of pain, you can switch your focus on the cadence of movement or on breathing so as to relegate the pain to the background. Remember that it is not the pain which is bothering you but it is an indication of the level of your efforts.


  1. Very encouraging post. Many people concentrate to much on the end result and in return end of failing. I think everyone needs to be reminded to concentrate on on their performance in the present and then they will eventually get the outcome they are looking for. Don’t be rushed!

  2. Great tips, I think these will actually come in handy for many different situations. But it’s a shame that so many coaches put so much pressure on these small kids today. I know they are only trying to make them the best they can be, but some kids just can’t handle that. This could be very useful for these kids and even me.

  3. To many kids concentrate on the outcome of the game and not the basics of the sport. It’s a hard thing to teach a kid and I think coaches should coach the sport and the basics that they need and leave the mental part to the psychology to get their mind where it needs to be. When they both come together, that’s when you have an all star on your hands!

  4. I have to echo the keeping expectations low part. I think a lot of athletes get so wound up in winning and expecting to be the ‘hero’ of the game in a sense and when they’re not in the end, it can cause them a lot of issues, and some I imagine even get depressed over it. Every player in a game is part of a team, for that team to win all of their players have to be in their best physical and mental condition, it’s not just one player that carries the game, but the team.