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Let our Professional Sports psychologists answer your questions. Below are some of the most common questions asked.

What is sports psychology?

Sports psychology coaching helps athletes (1) understand how the mind influences performance and (2) apply mental strategies to help perform their best in competition. We also help athletes improve practice efficiency and focus. You’ll learn how to mentally prepare for competition and how to take your practice game to competition. Sports psychology is not for problem athletes. We help you improve your performance using mental training strategies from sports psychology.

What is mental game coaching or mental training?

Mental Game Coaching (also known as mental training or mental toughness training) is the practical aspect of sports psychology. Mental toughness training helps athletes improve mental skills and overcome mental barriers, such as confidence, concentration (focus) or composure related issues. It requires replacing unhealthy attitudes and beliefs with healthy ones in order to achieve peak performance in sports.

What’s the difference between sports psychology and therapy?

Unlike psychotherapy or therapy, sports psychology doesn’t use couches, prescribe medicines, or work with abnormal behavior. Instead, the goal of mental game coaching and/or sports psychology is to teach athletes how to be more confident, improve focus, stay composed under pressure, practice more efficiently, and develop better pre-performance routines. The main difference between a mental game coach and a therapist is that mental game coaches work with athletes on sports performance enhancement and not personal challenges.

When should I work with a sports psychology expert?

The most common sign that an athlete needs to work with a mental coach is when he or she is unable to perform up to maximum ability level in competition. This is often characterized when an athlete is able to perform well in practice, but seems to flounder or freeze up in competition. Smart athletes and coaches recognize the warning signs–an inability to cope with the pressures of competition, becoming easily distracted, or having difficulty with performance anxiety or fear of failure.

Another situation in which work with a sports psychologist is appropriate is when an athlete is performing after an injury or in the recovery stage of injury and needs help working through issues, such as diminished confidence, which may manifest during the healing process.

What kind of results can I expect from mental training?

Sports psychology and mental toughness coaching is not a one-size-fits-all solution to performance issues in sports. Results vary from athlete to athlete and are contingent upon factors such as a desire to improve mental game skills, the ability to implement sports psychology strategies, and willingness to overcome the mental obstacles that get in the way of performance.

However, anticipated outcomes include improved confidence; greater composure; keener concentration because of increased ability to cope with distractions; and entering the in zone faster and staying there longer.

Why should I work with ITZ Sports Psychology?

As parents and coaches ourselves, we understand the challenges of seeing athletes not reach their full potential because of mental roadblocks.   For that reason, we have established team of mental game coaching professionals who have educational backgrounds in sports psychology and experience working with athletes that range from youth to professionals.  Each of our consultants have played sports at various levels themselves so they understand the many dynamics that exists for athletes. In addition, each of our consultants use our proven cloud-based delivery model to simplify the athletes’ engagement and interaction with their Mental Performance Coach which accelerates the learning experience. Our services can be delivered to an athlete anywhere in the world and they have been design to take into consideration that today’s student athletes have very busy schedules. Our cost effective programs teach athletes the mental skills needed to improve their performance quickly and effectively.

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