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Instill Confidence and Success in Young Athletes

We realize that, as a parents, you want to help your child develop confidence and discipline in sports and life. As a sports parent, you’d love for your children to reach their potential in sports but encouraging your child to strive for greatness without pressuring them can be a challenge.

It’s no secret that sports success is closely linked to an athlete’s mental toughness. If your youth athletes struggle to perform well in competition, grow frustrated with their performance, talk about quitting or display low confidence levels, mental game training can help. Both you and your young athlete can learn how to build mental toughness and improve performance with sports psychology coaching for kids.

Youth sports psychology

How Young Athletes Benefit from Youth Sports Psychology

To become mentally tough, young athletes need to learn how to:

  • Build confidence that transfers easily from practice to competition.
  • Define and manage the high expectations and beliefs that lead to frustration and discouragement
  • Supercharge focus and confidence before competition
  • Quickly move on from mistakes, losses, and setbacks because they are part of the game
  • Manage distractions and negative self-talk to help them perform with precision and focus.

What Parents Learn from Working with a Mental Game Coach

Many parents don’t realize the impacts, both positive and negative, they can have on their young athlete. Have you ever wondered why the same parent that was overbearing and competitive with their child, becomes the loving nurturing grandparent who is a constant encouragement to their grandchild? While both roles are important, it is important for parents to understand when and how these roles affect the young athlete.

To be an effective and influential sports parent, you’ll learn to:

  • Assess what you might be doing or saying to hurt your athlete’s confidence
  • Say and do the right thing to your athletes to boost their confidence before and after competition.
  • Help your athlete thrive in sports with 4 key questions you should always ask after games.
  • Encourage your athlete to play their best without pressuring them
  • Understand what is holding your athlete back from a relaxed and focused performance in competition.
  • Apply mental toughness skills to boost performance, make lasting changes, and help your child succeed in both sports and in life.

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