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Lack of Mental Training is the #1 cause of under-performance in highly skilled athletes

High performing athletes need a combination of mental, physical and skill based training.  All three of these areas can be trained, yet our experience and the research has shown that the vast majority of athletes and coaches fail to properly develop their mental game.  This leads to lower levels of performance because of:

  • Lack of competitive confidence
  • Difficulty handling stress and/ or failure
  • Loss of composure
  • Managing distractions
  • Lack of motivation

ITZ Sports Psychology & mental game coaching programs can help your athletes gain the competitive edge needed to boost team performance.

  • We will help the athlete uncover the mindsets that prevent them from performing their best.
  • We teach athletes how to master the mental strategies that will help them play with focus and composure.
  • We teach athletes how to increase their confidence and overcome self-doubt.
  • Each athlete will receive a customized mental toughness game plan based on their individual needs
  • Our mental game coaches leverage cloud-based tools to help athletes learn, understand and apply mental game strategies faster

Sports Psychology & Mental Toughness for Teams

The Results – More Wins, A High Performing Team and Happier Players

Who’s Gaining the Mental Edge?

Moura Ottinott

Head Coach, Gwinnett Track Club

“I have known the leadership of this organization for a long time and their approach to teaching mental skills to athletes produces results. They have worked with a number of our athletes that all resulted in extremely positive outcomes which helped our team tremendously.”

Don’t spend another moment watching your athletes under-perform in competition or fail to perform at their best.

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