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Results Oriented Mental Conditioning
For Athletes

  • Do you or your athlete have a desire to learn how to play well more consistently under pressure when it counts the most? 
  • Are you or your athlete frustrated, and need play better in competition?
  • Do you or your athlete lose confidence or focus after mistakes?
  • Have you had a series of inconsistent performances and now you doubt your ability to perform various aspects of your game in competition?
  • Are you looking for that competitive edge in your sport?
If you answered yes to any of these, Our Sports Psychology consultants can help you master your mental game.  We have helped athletes at all levels from around the world learn why their mental game was not up to the challenge.  Once we uncover the specific mindsets preventing the athlete from performing their best, we teach the athlete How to Find and Stay In Their Appropriate Mental Zone for peak performance.
Our mental conditioning programs leverage leading edge technologies and proven scientific methods that help you see an improvement in your mental game immediately:
  • An athletic mental aptitude profile is completed to help identify specific mental conditioning strengths and weaknesses. Request your Free Mental Skills assessment Today
  • A personalized mental game plan is developed & implemented for the athlete that serves as roadmap to get to optimal level of focus & composure for competition.
  • Biometric feedback and sport performance analytics are optionally used to identify the appropriate mental zone for the athlete required for better performance under pressure.
  • On going mental game coaching and monitoring are done as needed throughout your season by our sports psychology consultants to ensure sports application.


ITZ provides Sport Specific Programs for athletes in all Sports including, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Track & Field, Softball, Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Football, Lacrosse and Volleyball.

“ITZ Help me Discover that I had a lack of trust in my Stroke in high pressure situations” 

“I thought that my lack of focus was the culprit of my mental mistakes on the court. ITZ help me discover that I had lack of trust in my stroke in high pressure situations. My Mental Conditioning Coach help me build the confidence I needed to execute my game and now I am winning more tennis matches. Thank you so much.”

~Tony Brown, Collegiate Student Athlete

Watch one of our latest videos to see an example of some of the science-based techniques our Sports Psychology Consultants use to help athletes we work with.

Are you ready to discover which mental game skills you need to work on to improve your sports performance? Request your Free Mental Skills assessment Today Or Call us today at 678-671-5050 

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