If you’re an athlete or a sports person and you want to become a champion in your respective sports or game, you’ll need to find that desirable mental state where you’re able to perform at your peak. Some sports psychologists refer to this optimal state of mind as ‘being in the zone’. Mental training for peak performance is all about training yourself to identify that mental state where you can perform at your best.

A lot of sportsmen have had moments where they were completely consumed by their sport that everything they do felt effortless. The athletes probably felt no fear or anxiety and a sense of peace at those moments. Many times, you may have seen a basketball player who just can’t seem to miss in a particular game.

So, how can you achieve the sought-after mental state to be able to perform at your peak? Here are a few things to take into consideration:


What motivates you? Is the sport just a hobby or you love the sport with passion? How often do you look forward to practices? And how hard do you push yourself during those practices or does your trainer has to do the pushing for you? Goal setting is one sure way of staying motivated. You’ve probably heard this a dozen times, but if you don’t have clear goals, it will be very difficult for you to succeed with your game. It’s important that you approach any game with the mindset of winning and really put in your best to win.

The price

What price are you willing to pay to come out victorious? If you’re feeling tired during practice, how hard are you willing to push yourself? The bottom line is whether you’re willing to work extra hard to come out on top. When it comes to mental training for peak performance, your subconscious has to be aware that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to better your game.


Confidence is very important when it comes to sports mental training. How confident are you in your game? Even if your opponent is supposedly unbeatable, do you believe you can win the match? You have to make out time to reflect on your strengths and past successes, as these are confidence boosters. However, knowing you have good skills and you’re good at what you do is one secret to confidence. But know that this will require continuous practice until you have absolute confidence in your skills. When you have complete confidence in your skills, then every other thing would become effortless.


This is an important aspect of mental training for athletes. You need to rehearse mentally before the start of the actual game. Before you go out to perform, visualize yourself executing your skills effortlessly and defeating the opponent afterward. If you successfully imagine yourself coming out victorious in the game, then your nervous system and brain will believe you’ve already won and you’ll end up performing at your peak and coming out victorious.

Proper mental training can really help you perform at your peak if you put your mind to it and are willing to do whatever it takes.

Good luck with your game!


  1. I’ve started running in order to get into shape. At first I found it a hobby, but now I’m wanting to compete in 5Ks and then I’ve started riding my bike and want to do the ididaride! Adirondack Bike Tour 2017. It’s a 75 mile ride. I just felt that life needed an extra bonus so I decided that if I really wanted to make the big change, I needed a mental adjustment and trained myself that this wasn’t a hobby anymore, but it was a desire to do more. It’s helped me become more motivated. Thanks for the article, it’s very motivated.

  2. As a cyclist, I’m aspiring to reach new limits every now and then, so I join available triathlon, duathlon and cycling competition in my place. It helps me set new limits and increase my performance in each competition. Aside from physical training, I also prepare significant amount of mental training before the date of a race. Mental training keeps me motivated whatever the results of the race would be. In the end I always achieve the goals that I set for myself whether I won or not.