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ITZ Sports Psychology

As former athletes at various levels, each of the leaders at ITZ Sports Psychology knew and loved the challenge of competition and the thrill of victory. We put in the work in practice and it was often rewarded by our experiences of success on the playing field. When we became parents and our children followed in our athletic footsteps, we each found ourselves faced with a challenge we were not prepared to overcome. As our young athletes were developing their skills, we could see deficiencies in their games. We were able to help them with the physical demands of the game like footwork and eye-hand coordination, but we had no answer to help them with the mental mastery of the game. Our search led to our introduction to the field of Sports Psychology.

Within a fairly short period of time, our children who range from youth to collegian athletes were performing better under pressure, had greater confidence and were having more fun competing. We saw the transformation that took place in them and we knew that we were not the only people experiencing this challenge so we asked ourselves, “What if there was a way to make this valuable program readily available to athletes and the parents of athletes who want to overcome the mental challenges faced during competition?” This simple question resulted in the start-up of In-The-Zone (ITZ) Sports Psychology.

ITZ Sports Psychology is a division of Integritas Solutions Group that focuses on helping athletes of all ages learn, understand and apply mental game strategies to improve their performance. Our mental game coaches are AASP certified, have educational backgrounds in sports psychology and have played at multiple levels in various sports themselves. Our staff leverages proven and highly effective techniques delivered via cloud-based tools to help athletes around the world get “In The Zone” faster and with greater frequency.

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