Even if you are not planning to become the next Babe Ruth, you can still do many things to improve your baseball performances and become a better player.  Most of the time, practicing different hits on the court and ordinary strength exercises in the gym is the first step on the road to success. However, for achieving maximum results, every player must pay attention to the mental part of the game. Only with this holistic approach, you can expect ultimate results.

The best part about baseball mental training is that it can be performed almost everywhere, without using special gadgets and equipment. Of course, there are many different techniques that can be used in this situation, and each of them can have positive effects only if they are used properly and with the support of professionals.

Here are a few basic techniques that can be used for boosting mental abilities and improving general baseball performances.

Breathing techniques and mental focus

It is known that proper breathing is crucial for overall health and optimal functioning of all organs. Of course, it is all because of the oxygen. By using different kinds of breathing techniques, we can reach complete calmness, which is crucial for all baseball players. As we all know, too much stress and mental imbalance can be fatal on the field, even if you have the best possible technique. It is all about staying focused, regardless of whether you are a pitcher or catcher.

On the other hand, you still have to possess some kind of “aggression” and positive stress when playing an important game. If you are too calm, you will not be able to respond adequately and timely, which baseball is all about. This is the reason why every single baseball player must find his own point of balance and ideal level of stress. This can be done by ordinary belly breathing. The only thing every player has to do is to take a deep breath and exhale after a couple of second. In this way, oxygen will reduce one of the main stress hormones- cortisol. After regular exercising, you will be able to control your stress and keep it at the ideal level.

The power of positive self-talk  

Another important mental training technique every baseball player can use for improving mental stability is positive self- talk. Just pick your motivating phrase and repeat it a couple of times before you enter into the field. This will not only boost your motivation, but it will help you stay focused. So, we advise you to find your phrase and use the power of the positive words. After some time, you will be able to do it automatically, combining it with the right breathing technique.


Visualization is definitely one of the most efficient ways to increase your mental toughness in sports. It is all about anticipation. For example, try to imagine what your opponent will do next and try to respond to his reaction in your mind. Be focused on a particular part of the field, on your direct rival, on the moves and reactions. If you manage to do this, you will be ahead of your opponent, which will give you more time to prepare yourself.


  1. I have to agree with you about self talk and it doesn’t just apply to baseball but with everything you do in life, if you give yourself negative self talk and never push yourself to achieve your goals then you won’t reach your goals.

  2. I’m really bad about the self talk part. I’m always judging myself against others and I need to learn to work on it. I’ve even seeked counseling to help with it.