Most of the time, people don’t understand what is the real role of the sports psychologists and how they can help athletes to achieve the best results. People usually think that the only thing that sportsmen have to do if they want to stay on the top is to continue with their body exercising, staying focused on improving their specific techniques. Of course, this physical part is very important, but it is not enough for top results.

This is where finding a sports psychologist comes to the fore. His main role is to educate athletes about how they can use their potential and achieve the best possible results. Just take any sport for example. The first 10 players or clubs in any sport are very similar, and they all possess the potential to be the best. But only one of them can be on the top. And most of the time, the top position is reserved for individuals or teams with the greatest mental strength and mental stability. This cannot be achieved in the gym- you will need professional help and here is where sports psychology consultants come into the picture.

Of course, there are many mental pieces of training and programs conducted by different sports psychologists, but the truth is that not all of them are suitable for your needs. Some of them are focused only on certain sports and training conditions, which is the reason why they will be ineffective for everyone. This is the reason why we recommend ITZ Sports Psychology & Mental Game Coaching to all people who are planning to improve their mental characteristics and start achieving better results. For those who are not familiar with this program, we will just say it is one of the most reputable cloud-based set of training that can be used by almost everyone.

As we said, probably the major role of the sports psychologists is to help athletes in achieving good results in the long term. And this is especially important for the professional sportsmen, whose final ranking depends on the results achieved during the whole season, not just in the short period or during one competition. In addition, mental stability is one of the most important factors in using other resources required for the success, including additional stamina, concentration, focus, and precision. All these things are needed if we want to be ahead of our competition. And this is sports all about- to be better than others.

So, how can we choose the best sports psychologists? Here are a few suggestions and tips you can use to find the person who will help you to strengthen your mental powers:

  • Check the specialty of your psychologist and see if he has enough experience with your specific sports Obviously, volleyball and chess will need a different approach and different strategies.
  • Choose psychologists according to your plans and expectations. It is not the same if you are preparing for the Olympic Games or if you want to participate in the national league.
  • Talk with a few psychologists and see who understands you the best. You have to be aware that sports psychology (the same as any other branch of psychology) is about intimate aspects of your personality, so it is recommended to have someone you can trust besides you.


  1. Not only is it important to have a sports psychologist help you in your sport, it’s just as important to find the right one for you. People’s personalities will sometimes clash so the right psychologist for your friend is not always the best one for you. You have to be compatible.

  2. I think another importance is stability as well, I say this because I’ve seen a lot of athletes, along with other celebrities fall off the edge once they’ve gotten to a good spot in their career, they start spiraling downward into a depression, or substance abuse like alcohol. Athlete’s for example I imagine get a feeling of invulnerability at some points in their lives as well. I think the counseling that a psychologist can offer would be of help to them.

  3. I’ve never heard of ITZ. I’ll have to look into them for my team. Do you know if they handle HS students or is only professional teams? Our volleyball team really needs some help.